My experience with Flutter on Web

Ease of Development


  1. Top level functions. Dart allows you to create top level functions without enclosing them to an artificial class if you don’t want to.
  2. constantness. Dart has the concept of constants that works very much like C++.
  3. Extension. Dart allows developers to extend classes, even built in ones. A good example is this crazy easy to use I18N extension.
  4. null aware operators. These operators allow you to navigate object structure without all the if statements. Read this articles for details.

Flutter Framework


Stateful vs Stateless


  1. Container. A container is like a div . It provides padding, constraints, and even transformation to its child.
  2. Row and Column. Row aligns its children along the horizontal axis (its main axis) while column aligns its children along the vertical axis (again, that’s its main axis). The key attributes are mainAxisAlignment and crossAxisAlignment .
  3. SizedBox. Inside a Row widget or a Column widget, you can use a SizedBox widget to control the spacing between two widgets.
  4. Expanded. The Expanded widget tells the layout engine that its child should take up any remaining space inside a Row or a Column.
  5. GridView. The GridView widget shows its children in a grid.
  6. ListView. A simple widget to display items in a list.


But what about the Web?

Web Support for Flutter (
  1. text selection across widgets does not works.
  2. Embedding a Flutter application inside an existing web application is hard. The only supported mechanism is through an iframe .


  1. Don’t be afraid to try. Dart borrows features from different languages. You will easily find familiarity with it.
  2. Flutter documentation is well written, make good use of it.
  3. From time to time, check out the Boring Flutter Development Show on YouTube. I have learnt a lot from it. As with anything, you learn more when you also practice at the same time.




A seasoned consultant specialized in Software Development and Architecture. Charles also loves to tavel, follow him on

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Charles Chan

Charles Chan

A seasoned consultant specialized in Software Development and Architecture. Charles also loves to tavel, follow him on

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